Join The Save The Albatross Coalition

Peoples Campaign to Save the Albatross

“Save the Albatross Coalition”

The albatross is the sailor’s companion – flying free over the deep ocean.

This great sea bird is being dealt a deadly diet because of the unintended consequences of discarded materials in the ocean that look like food and are not.  Thousands of albatross die on the Midway Island (and the 1,200 mile Northwest Hawaiian Island Chain) due to these discards.

Campaign goals:

  • Educate the consuming public that there is no “away” and Zero Waste is the correct direction for social behavior.
  • Bring attention to the unintended impacts on the ocean on sea life from single-use plastics.
  • Spotlight the albatross and what is happening on Midway Island and Northwest Hawaiian Island Chain.

Campaign objectives:

  • Legislation – Require containers manufacturers to connect their caps. Seek legislative solutions beginning with California and Hawaii and expanding to Washington and Oregon.
  • Legal – Make brand owners pay for cleanup of plastics littering our beaches through public nuisance lawsuits. Develop legal strategy and identify public agencies that are currently forced to do the clean ups.
  • Advocacy – Bring brand owners to the table and work on plans for them to take responsibility for discarded plastic through; buy back purchases, minimum content in their products, and on land recovery campaigns.

What you can do:

With your support, we will make meaningful change to the status quo and help the plight of the Laysan albatross and the rest of our ocean eco-system.


Campaign Co-Chairs

Captain Charles Moore
Founder, Algalita Marine Research and Education
Long Beach, California
Neil Seldman
President, Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Washington, D.C.