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Advocacy Toolkit:

Tell Nestlé: You’ve helped create a monstrous threat to this planet and it’s out of control!

In the last year, with help from folks like you, we’ve sounded the alarm about the threat plastic pollution poses to our health, wildlife, and planet. Corporations are scared…they know we’re hungry for tangible change and not just simple sound bytes. Following cleanups and audits of plastic waste around the world, Nestlé was identified as one of the worst plastic polluters.

This April, we’re demanding real change from Nestlé. While Nestlé has acknowledged the impacts of its throwaway plastics, the company has yet to act with the urgency needed to tackle a global pollution crisis. We know they hold the power to be that first, corporate domino that would shift the ENTIRE industry. In partnership with activism around the globe, we’re asking supporters like you to call Nestlé, telling them to be an industry leader for phasing out single-use plastic, and innovate new refillable and reusable packaging. Our planet and impacted communities around the world can’t wait for it to be convenient for Nestlé to act, the time is now.  Below you’ll find all the tools you’ll need to tell Nestlé to banish the monster that is single-use plastic, and champion the change our planet so desperately needs.

Step 1: Choose a plan that works for you.

Whether it’s you and a couple friends each making a phone call, or a much larger event you organize — whatever you can do to activate people on the issue of plastic pollution matters. Here are a few options for how to drive as many calls to Nestlé as possible:

  • Organize a Call-In Day event in your community – grab a few friends, bring a clipboard or set up a table, and ask people to take a moment to call Nestlé HQ. We’re looking to coordinate phone calls on and around April 16th as much as possible. For more details on planning a Call-In Day event, See below.
  • Ask friends and family on social media or via email, by sharing this toolkit! Click here for a more social media scripts and images
  • Reach out to organizations you’re a part of – other environmental groups, your church, your place of employment, a group you’re involved with – and ask them to have their members make calls.
  • Make an announcement during an environmentally-oriented organization’s event, or if you’re a student, during an environmentally-oriented class.

Step 2: Flood Nestlé with calls!

The Nestlé Customer Support Line is open everyday, at all hours.

Call 1-877-969-2590, and after a short message from us, you will be patched to the Nestlé Customer Service line. There will be a brief directory of Nestle brands, which you can bypass by simply dialing “5” and then holding for their next available Customer Service Representative.

Suggested script:

Hi, my name is NAME and I’m calling from CITY, STATE. I’m very concerned by the massive amount of single-use plastic pollution and Nestlé is one of the largest global corporations that relies heavily on such packaging. I would like Nestlé to be an industry leader and phase out single-use plastic packaging, while innovating bold, new solutions like refillable and reusable packaging. Thank you!

More details to organize a Nestlé Call-In Day

Leading a Call-In Day Event is a great way to not only drive more calls in to the company, but also inform the public about the massive ecological disaster that is single-use plastic pollution.

Getting started: below are a few questions that can help you organize and design your Call-In Day Event.

  • Where will you hold your event?
    • Find a place where you will encounter lots of foot traffic. Some great places are farmers markets, near large public transit stops, public parks and college campuses, or in front of stores friendly to the cause.
  • Who would you like to help you?  
    • Asking folks to call a major corporation about their plastic pollution is more fun with friends! Think about friends, family, coworkers or peers who you could invite out to participate with you.
  • How do you want to ask folks to call?
    • Maybe you want to set-up a table with information about plastic pollution, with signs, to get folks interested in your cause before you ask them to take a moment and call Nestlé. Or perhaps you want to walk around a park with the script on a clipboard. Set up your Call-In Day in a way that excites you, and would make you excited to make a call on the spot to Nestlé HQ.
  • What are your goals?
    • Beginning your event with an understanding of your goals is a great way to motivate yourself. Think about your location, how much foot traffic it gets, and what number seems reasonable. Usually, for every two people you talk to, one person will likely make the phone call in the moment.