Leash The Lid House Parties

Leashed LidBottle caps are one of the most frequent items found at beach and watershed cleanups. Unfortunately, some of those that are not picked up get eaten by birds – such as the Albatross and other animals, who then die of starvation – with a belly full of plastic.

With the help of the Save The Albatross Coalition, Assembly Member Mark Stone (D, 29th Assembly District – Monterey, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties) has introduced Assembly Bill 319, which would prohibit retailers, by 2020, from selling beverages in bottles with a cap that is not tethered.

At the July 9 house parties, we will be launching our Indiegogo campaign to fund the coalition’s media and grassroots advocacy to the California Legislature. Join us July 9 in Alameda, Sebastopol, San Diego and Long Beach and help ignite the movement!

Additional details coming soon. RSVP via Facebook: 7/9 House Party Party or via the Contact Page.