AB 319 Leash The Lid Bill Passes Assembly Resources!

The “Connect the Cap” (formerly “Leash the Lid”) bill, AB 319 (Stone), passed the Assembly Natural Resources Committee January 8, 7 Ayes – 3 Noes, and now it’s going to the Assembly Floor! California readers, please let your Assembly representative know you support of this groundbreaking effort to reduce plastic pollution and save the lives of hundreds of thousands of birds and animals.

The bill text states:
On and after January 1, 2020, a retailer shall not sell or offer for sale, in the state, a single-use beverage container with a cap, unless the container meets one of the following conditions:

(a) The cap is tethered to the container in a manner that prevents the separation of the cap from the container when the cap is removed from the container.

(b) The cap includes an opening from which the beverage can be consumed while the cap is screwed onto or otherwise contiguously affixed to the container.

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